This webpage includes links and videos for some presentations prepared and delivered by ARC and colleagues.

HESI Spring 2021 Webinar Series:

Advances in toxicokinetics and bioaccumulation science in
mammals to aid human and ecological assessments.

The Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) is coordinating a webinar series related to the
advancement of toxicokinetics and bioaccumulation science to aid ecological and human health risk
assessment.  The purpose of these webinars is to share ongoing developments in the field, highlighting
research, application, and needs from various stakeholders. The first three webinars in this series
focus on recent and ongoing work performed by ARC Arnot Research and Consulting and the QSAR
Research Unit in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Insubria.

These webinars were recorded
and are accessible for viewing (streaming) below:

WEBINAR #1: Integrating Bioaccumulation Assessment Tools for Mammals (iBAT-Mam)

• Overview of the new Bioaccumulation Assessment Tool (BAT) Ver.2.0
• Introduction to a generic, tiered PBTK modelling framework for mammals
• Applications and case studies for mammals

WEBINAR #2: New in vitro and in vivo TK databases for mammals and an on-line platform

• Overview of new critically evaluated in vitro and in vivo TK databases
• Overview of new searchable on-line platform of these TK databases in EAS-E-SUITE.

WEBINAR #3: New QSARs for key TK parameters in mammals

• Introduction to QSARs for key TK parameters in mammals
• Demo of a new software for predicting in vitro biotransformation rates in mammals including
new QSARs validated following OECD guidance for applications in regulatory decision-making

WEBINAR #4: Introduction to PROTEX-HT in EAS-E Suite

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