This website contains models and databases that we have developed or co-developed and links to other websites with models and databases.

The downloadable materials included on this website are provided to interested parties at no cost; however, to download any material you need to first request a password by sending an e-mail with your name and affiliation and download of interest to Jon Arnot. The registration information also provides us with contact information so that we can send notifications for model updates.

The models are updated occasionally to address potential errors and “bugs in the code” and to reflect scientific advancements. The most recent versions of the models and databases are most relevant since they include updates and possibly corrections to previous versions. Users are strongly encouraged to read the associated papers listed with the models and the “help” and “about” information accompanying the models (when included) before using them.

Limitations of liability and disclaimer of warranty

Thank you for your interest in these models.
For more information about these models and databases please contact Jon Arnot.



The Excel spreadsheet models and databases are expected to work using Microsoft Office or other similar programs (Note: Visual Basic for Applications support is often required).